‘Worlds Between Covers’
Acrylic on Hawthorn -2015

Worlds Between Covers was entirely inspired by my daughter’s journey into books. She’s discovering magical lands of wizardy, identifies with a whole range of amazing characters (female and male) and is forming her own ideas of how magick fits into our own world.

Her love of books has taken me back into fiction and I hope she carries on loving the worlds you find between book covers for many years to come.

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Acrylic on Ash – 2014

I’ve painted these sleeping moons for years. I love the stillness and creativity of the night. The hours I get to myself when the family are slumbering, the cars have ceased and owls call their lullabies outside my window are sacred hours to me. I love the Victorian anthropomorphised suns and moons. This piece was a present for a friend’s daughter – Luna is her name. I felt like the moon I got to know in this piece was gentle and loving, utterly content in her sleep.

I hope you’re as smitten with the moon as I am. The silence and serenity and wild mystery it demonstrates all at once. We don’t always have to talk or do to be radiant. There is power in the subtleties. – Victoria Erickson

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Acrylic on Hawthorn – 2015

This was another aptly themed present for a friend named Sol. She’s an immensely talented tattoo artist from Argentina, and tattooed a similar sun on my back alongside a labyrinth. I feel totally blessed to know so many creative travellers, artists and musicians, dedicating themselves to do the things they love and share their skills with the world. Her and her husband Diego are wonderful people.. Just one day I’ll make it over to Argentina to visit them.

‘As Above So Below’
Acrylic on Hawthorn – 2015

My friend’s a tree surgeon, and cut me some great slices of wood that are seasoning in my wood pile ready to have something painted on them. This was a little thank you, and refers not only to the roots that lie hidden and hold the amazing trees we see, invisibly sharing information and nutrients between other trees, but also to a more spiritual theme. ‘As Above So Below’ to me feels like living in the moment and present of our lives. Not just the tomorrow, the above, the just-out-of-reach, but the today, the here and now and the beauty in all these moments flickering along.

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‘Cancion de la Muerte’
Acrylic on Hawthorn – 2014

I had lots of fun painting ‘Cancion de la Muerte’ – a combination of carnival, song and celebration, framed in the Mexican tradition of ‘Dia de los Muertes’. I respect the Mexican ways of seeing death as a natural part of human experience, of celebrating ancestors, and acknowledging death as much a joyous turn of the human cycle as birth. It isn’t something to be feared or ignored as a threatening, morbid part of our lives.

I celebrate Samhain in a similar way with my family, we remember people who’ve died, tell stories about what they were like, and make a little altar with photos and special trinkets. It’s normally a really lovely ritual, not quite as colourful and jubilant as in Mexico, but personal and celebratory in a softer way beside the fire.

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‘The Storybearer’
Pen and ink on Paper – 2016

‘The Storybearer’ – oh how she wanders through the forest, lamenting the forgotten stories hiding in the trunks of the trees, hidden away up her skirt and buried deep in our memories. But Oh! how she loves moving through the rustling leaves reminding us how essential stories are to our being. And I’m sure if you come across her one day, she’ll gather you round a fire, all cackles and cheekiness, and remind you of the old tales sitting quietly in your bones. Now then… ‘Once upon a Time…’

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‘The Crow’s Treasures’
Pen and Ink on Paper – 2016

This crow jumped quite fiercely into being, as I felt drawn to pick up a bird watching book and sketch from it one evening. The carrion crow that made its way out is quite a thing of mischief I think, carrying (stealing?) treasures in its beak. It could be about to take off but the leaves sprouting out of the book seem to be growing around the crow, so maybe he’s been there for longer than we think.

I had a wonderful couple of days in my lovely friend’s cabin to finish this off. Escaping the city and finding myself amongst gorgeous woodland just as spring was a-waking was glorious. I could see the snow-capped peaks of Hellvellen out of the window, and Ullswater lake lapped deliciously close to the cabin. Juggling making art with motherhood can be an interesting trip, but actually my daughter came along on this trip, and has become so entranced with reading that we immersed ourselves in our own creative worlds -side by side.

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Pencil, Ink, Acrylic and Gold Leaf finish – 2016

‘Loba’ is the reimagining of 2 folk tales – the Mexican one named ‘La Loba’ – that I found in Clarissa Pinkola Estes’ Women Who Run with the Wolves – and the famous ‘Little Red Riding Hood’. Estes’ recounting of the tale tells of an ancient woman who collects the bones of dead wolves around the Mexican desert, then sings over them to bring them back to life before they transform into women.

Little Red Riding Hood is pretty well known in our culture, and has been retold in many places and in different forms around the world. Mine is a combination of the 2, but rather than the cautionary tale of staying on the path (or else!) my Loba invites you to step into the deep woods, and to reconnect with your wildness that you find there.