Welcome to this little nook, a place where stories are stitched, drawn and painted as the moons go by, where the wheel turns bringing seasons and land into life, then into death again.

My name is Cassy Oliphant, and Alma Arts is space to help me collect and focus some of my favourite inspirations, and to share them as they unfold and weave themselves into my art.

I’ve worked for many years in community arts, work that I feel blessed to have, and have made connections I hold dear. Creating my own art is my way to understand the world, to document the absolute beauty, and sometimes to make sense of the cruel sides of human nature.

Alma means different things in different languages – ‘Apple’ in Hungarian and Turkish, and ‘Soul’ in Romance languages including Spanish and Italian. I live next to an Alma Road, and love the name so much I considered changing mine to it at one point. Instead I happily sign my work as Alma Oliphant, so apple seeds and soul roots come to the pieces I make.